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Ross McGree

Photographer & Image Maker

My Work

Fashion Photography V1.jpg
Fashion Photography

The camera lens is the gateway to fashion

Fashion photography is a collaboration between the clothing, the model, and the photographer, with each element playing a crucial role in the final image.

Art Nude Photography

The naked body is a canvas, and the photographer is the artist painting

Art nude photography is a genre of photography that captures the beauty and grace of the human form in a way that is artistic and tasteful. It is a form of fine art that celebrates the human body and often focuses on the natural lines, curves, and shapes of the body.

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Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is about capturing the beauty of the world around us, one frame at a time

Landscape photography captures the beauty of the natural world, from towering mountains to tranquil lakes and everything in between. With a passion for the outdoors, there's something special about being able to freeze a moment in time and share it with others. From the warm glow of a sunrise to the cool hues of a sunset, landscape photography allows me to appreciate the world around us in a whole new way.

People & Portraiture

A portrait is not just a picture, it's a story

Photography of people and portraiture is all about capturing the personality and essence of a person through camera lens.


Portrait photography is an art form that requires technical skill, creativity, and the ability to connect with people.

Still life photography

Capturing the beauty of the inanimate

The goal of still life photography is to create a composition that is aesthetically pleasing and tells a story or conveys a mood or feeling through the arrangement of the objects

Digital Art

My Journey into the World of Digital Art

As I embark on my journey into the captivating realm of digital art, I find myself immersed in a world where artistic expression converges with cutting-edge technology. With digital tools at my fingertips, such as computers, software, and electronic devices, I am able to create mesmerizing visuals and immersive experiences that push the boundaries of imagination


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